Why would you continue to see a chiropractor if you do not have any pain?

At mBrace Chiropractic we want you to live your most Remarkable Life possible by attaining a clear sense of wellness.

Your nervous system is the highway that all the information travels on to your brain and affects how the brain responds to many of the movements, stability and overall function of the systems in your body. Your nervous system through your spine passes information about balance posture and all of your other bodily functions. When there is a compromise of this information, your brain will adapt to produce other outputs and change function within the rest of your body.

Once your pain is not present, your nervous system can still have areas of abnormal input (subluxations) that are not providing normal signals to the brain. Subluxation is the loss of normal joint movement in the spine and other joints. Nervous system function changes around a joint may include swelling, scar tissue and fixation of the joint. Regular checks and adjustments allow you to have “good” information travelling on the highway to your brain allowing for a better output.

Many people who choose to receive regular chiropractic care have reported ongoing improvement in other areas of health, overall well being and quality of life. As part of this, other requirements of a healthy lifestyle include moving, eating well and daily mindfulness and mental health. All of these influence your nervous system function as well. Improving health is a journey. We want to help you where you are at on that journey to live your most Remarkable Life.