Dr. Mark Harasimiuk

Dr. Mark Harasimiuk – Chiropractor

After practising as a Prosthetist/Orthotist for more than 20 years making orthopaedic braces and prosthetic limbs, Mark returned to study Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne. Mark realised that there were more solutions to human health than just providing a device to assist. The missing link is improving neurological connection with joint mobility and proprioception, therefore, changing the neurology, which is what chiropractic can do. Mark is excited to provide this new level of care for all those that are coming to see him.

Mark is currently on leave as the chiropractor for the Gippsland Power Football Club.  His love for AFL and working with athletes is very rewarding. A healthy spine, nervous system and brain coordination are key to help athletes strive to excel.

Mark uses many different chiropractic techniques that have been taken from his understanding of functional movement and
stability along with an understanding of re-organisation of neural function. He uses mainly manual adjusting techniques but also includes objective tests to affirm functional changes.