Our Unique Approach

At every visit within our practice, our approach is that we want to meet you where you are at. Today it may be because you have done too much gardening over the week and end up with a sore back, or on another occasion, you may be pain-free but just want to move better as you head off for the weekend away. You may want to improve your function by how your body and brain communicate.

At mBrace Chiropractic, our approach is different from traditional chiropractic care. Our focus is on restoring optimum function and moving you towards Living a Remarkable Life using our 2 Phase system along with other requirements that we have recognised are part of your journey.

At every visit, our approach is to help get you there and closer to living your Remarkable Life.

Phase 1


Corrective chiropractic care provides new neurological patterns for your brain to integrate and communicate throughout the body. Many times we build dysfunctional patterns that are signalled by pain.

Chiropractic care helps to change the pain patterns and re-instil new foundational patterns in the nervous system. 

We accomplish this by correcting subluxations and enhancing your movement to establish new, stable patterns within your nervous system.

Woman receiving chiropractic care
Woman receiving chiropractic care
Phase 2


The ability to communicate with our brain is improved by reinforcing new patterns, which can raise our brain’s capability to make more change.

We work on refining functional patterns in order to make them more resilient and adaptive in the longterm.  We help develop you from the ground up, from stability to strength.